We are looking for representatives and executives

We are looking for representatives and executives

We are looking for sales agents

We are looking for agents throughout of the World. Agents in a city or region promote the sales of TSM Ceramic. Their job is to make the product known, to take care of the relationship with possible future buyers, to manage the sales.


- Excellent interpersonal, communicative and organizational skills

- Particular propensity to sell new products

- Strong motivation and result orientation

- Strong motivation for personal and professional growth

- Appreciated knowledge of the construction world

- Ideal age between 24 and 55 years

- Type B driving license

- Possession of VAT


Continuing training program and sales support.

Real career opportunities and strong gains.

Commissions plus any bonuses to signed contracts.

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Realizers, painters

We are looking for experienced painter painters, whitening work on masonry surfaces, etc., work in height. Immediate availability, cars with driving license B. Availability to travel throughout the national territory.

The coating of TSM Ceramic is made with whitewashing techniques, so we first of all look for collaborators with experience from this sector.

In the case when TSM Ceramics coating creator is a qualified person from TSM Ceramic, a guarantee of

20 years

First of all, we are looking for entrepreneurs in the sector who, in addition to carrying out the work, can also be our collaborators in sales with the same conditions as our agents.

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